Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kiss that makes me fall!

What’s in a kiss?
Maybe seven signs of nature,
from the brightest sun,
through thunder and rain.

what’s in a kiss,
will remains a mystery.

I only can speak wisely,
along truthfully,
what’s in my heart,
when we kiss each other tight,
just don’t want to end the night.

There’s a sparks underneath your touch,
in every inch of yours.
Slowly I can sip
sweet sensation of bliss.

Sunlight in your eyes,
perfect in it’s places,
and I just knew,
the wind will never change.

Winter time kisses,
makes me wanna fall,
fall naturally,
in love with you.

You made a girl a woman,
stranger into lover.

With that winter time kisses.

So tell me again,
what’s in a kiss?

Jojo, Oct 2009