Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chocolate Can't Save Me Tonight

I gave you my heart,
and look where you put me,
somewhere behind all the work.

A day or two,
singing it counting it,
let's not multiply it,
or change the plan.

But, hey..
there's nothing I can do about it,
hear me out, if I'm passing your ears,
hear me out, if I'm somewhere in your mind,
I wont say something about the heart,
not the heart, one thing you can't talk about.

I turn off the music, kill the tunes,
make it go away, make it travel a long way,
closing the night, hiding the tears,
writing something nice, covering what's mine,
both ways just won't change you,
cause nothing can make you feel, anything.

Chocolate can't save me tonight.
Let's go out and burn the night.

somewhere down the road :: this time